Google Product Forums > Google Search and Assistant Help Forum > How do I put strict parental control on my Google Lifewire How to Make Google Safer for Your kids. Google's parental controls on YouTube and Chromebooks never wowed me. The only parental control available on the YouTube app is SafeSearch. ... How to Set Parental Control in Google Search - This tutorial will show you how to set up parental controls in Google. You can restrict a user's Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge web access by modifying the "Family" settings. We'll show you how to use parental controls in Windows 8 to help keep kids safe while using a PC. For example parents can set that device can be only used for 2 hours a day and only during 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM time range on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM during weekends. Also, dont forget, you can use a desktop application to put parental controls inTO your browser of choice. With the introduction of the 2013 model of the Google Nexus 7, users now get access to Android 4.3. Remind your ... Use privacy settings and sharing controls. This search for parental control lists several extensions that can provide content blocking. Run in background Family safety basics Twitter; Facebook ... Help your family learn how to set secure passwords online. This feature will of course work best on a Chromebook, where it allows you to lock down the entire device. You can also install any parental control extensions made for Chrome in Opera. All you need is the latest version of Opera. When you turn on parental controls, you can restrict what content can be downloaded or purchased from Google Play based on maturity level. It's true that multi user support was available on Android 4.2, but Google has . Search here for parental controls ... How to set parental controls. Click to see how its done. And Chromebooks are lame for kids without some sort of parental control feature. Parents can also specify during what time slots in a day the apps will not be allowed to use. How to Use Chromes Parental Controls Feature ... How to put Parental controls in Chrome? To Lock the Parental Control for YouTube, you will need a Google account. And with that comes better parental controls. Check out these tips on how to make Google a little safer for your kids to search: Menu. Heres how to put parental controls on the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPod Touch: 1. I then put a SIM PIN on ... with one of these parental control apps. ... You can restrict your childs experience to a more limited set of videos by turning Search off. inside Kids Place Parental Control app. Parental controls and settings. I know this is an old blog post but I too was looking for a way to lock the Safe Search thing in Google. Family safety basics Twitter; Facebook; Email; For busy parents, here are some quick suggestions for how to help keep your family safe online. How to Set Parental Controls on Safari. Parental controls arent perfect, but they can still be a valuable tool. How to Enable YouTube App Parental Controls. You will then see the option to create a new account. Launch the YouTube app Parents that want a way to monitor their children's Internet use and protect them against inappropriate Web content will often choose to set their own parental controls.